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Gothenburg: Riverside outing

The Göta Älv river runs through Gothenburg and provides some varied walks and a splendid, almost free, ferry ride along its banks.

Phoenix: In the desert, no-one can hear you take the tram

When I mentioned I’d be heading for Phoenix, Arizona, the first thing they said was “bring a car”. Now this one I’d heard before. Often from Americans, often from Australians. But everywhere I’ve ever been, I’ve managed just fine without a driver’s license (and consequently, without a car). Had I finally met my match in […]

New Zealand: The South Island by backpacker bus

We all know they have the fjords and the mountains and the bungee. But they also have rainforests right next to the ski resorts. They have corals, they have penguins. And my personal favorite, they have alpine parrots. New Zealand’s South Island has all those things you didn’t know you wanted.

Queenstown, New Zealand: Bring extra underwear

You say resort, and I think of beaches, pools, Swedish restaurants in Spain, Finnish bars In Turkey, and hotel after hotel after hotel. I certainly didn’t think of serene mountain scenery, cool crisp air, and adventure sports where half the experience is the nature around you. After my visit to Queenstown on New Zealand’s South […]