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Geneva, Switzerland: Public transportation exceeds expectations

For a weekend city trip in Europe, you can hardly find anything more scenic than Geneva. It’s so close to the French border you can feel it. Especially if you step over it.

Belgium by train: Flanders highlights and Wallonia lowlights

Belgium is a small country. Go see it by train! But if you don’t speak French, stick to Flanders, the northern half, for picturesque medieval cities, diamonds, and beach resots.

Canberra: Flowers try to bring life to deserted city

There are only two reasons to go to Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Government business is one. Floriade, the annual month-long flower festival, is the other. Hoping for anything else is asking for disappointment, they told me. Were they right?

Train to Canberra: Syringes welcome

What can a train ride between Sydney and Canberra teach us about Australia? That it’s big. And that everybody gets a fair go. Even intravenous drug users and wallabies.

Canada: Eastern must-sees in a week

The great country of Canada is best seen in regional chunks. Visit Montreal’s botanical gardens, Toronto’s underground shopping malls, and the Niagara Falls in a relaxed week of travel.